The Ministry of Education provides basic funding for programmes at Richmond Road School.  However, Richmond Road aims to provide the highest quality of education possible for all its students.  Parent donations are one way we fund the gap between what we receive from the Ministry of Education and what we want to provide.  The main use of parent donations is to fund the salaries of our Learning Assistants.  There is one Board funded Learning Assistant in each Ropu, though Kiwi Connection has an additional Learning Assistant who works until lunchtime each day.  This is because Kiwi Connection has more children than the other Ropu and these Learning Assistants are used to support learning in English where it is needed across the whole of the senior school.

For several years prior to 2009 the school has ended the year with a budget deficit.  The main reason for this is that we received less income from donations and fundraising than we had budgeted for.  Therefore the board moved that it would increase the donations asked in 2009 to $250 for the first child, $200 for the second child and $150 for the third child, with no payment for subsequent children.  
Income was still a challenge in 2010 and therefore the Board moved the following structure for donations:  
  1. Donation  – 1st child $300, 2nd child $250, 3rd child $150
  2. Donation – New Hall - $200 per whanau.  The school community prior to 2014 have contributed $450,000 to the building of the school hall.  We still need contributions from current parents/whānau who will actually benefit from this fabulous resource to help us build back our reserves and pay for the ongoing maintenance of the hall.
This structure is still in place for 2014.  School donations are voluntary, but we hope that parents/whanau will support us in this area.  School donations are tax deductible and receipts will be provided to those who request one.

Payment Options

While we would prefer to receive the total donation in one lump sum, we recognise that this can be a financial burden and if you would like to make arrangements to pay in installments, we offer the following options:








1. One-off payment*    




2. Term by term




3. Monthly (11 months)




4. Weekly (40 weeks)




Payroll Giving - we are currently finding out through the IRD how the school can become a Donee Organisation so that parents/whanau/friends can pay donations direct from their pay and receive immediate tax credits that reduce their PAYE payable. This means that you don't need to wait until the end of the year to claim your tax credit.
Payment Method
The school's preferred payment method is by direct credit into the school bank account.  The office also has an eftpos machine for one-off payments.  Alternatively, print the Automatic Payment form below and deliver to your bank to process.

School Bank Account Number
The school bank account number for direct credit is: 12-3011-0757539-00 (ASB) Richmond Road School Board of Trustees #1 Acc
Please ensure the following is used to reference the payment:

Particulars: child(s) surname 
Code: child(s) ruma
Reference: donation

IRD Donation Rebate

The IRD rules state that the following payments qualify for the Donation Rebate

  • Donation payments to state schools (including integrated schools), schools approved as charities for tax purposes, school boards of trustees or parent-teacher associations. These payments must be donations, not just a payment of school fees.
  • state-funded schools for payment of fees, as long as these go to the school's general fund.

Payments that don’t qualify are 

  • Payments for classes where there is a take-home component, such as woodwork
  • Where attendance or participation of the activity is voluntary
  • Transport to or from a school activity, such as a camp or food at the camp
  • Tertiary or tuition fees.

Parents should claim for any general purpose school payments they have made.

Parents will need a Rebate Claim Form (IR 526) which will either be sent to them or can be obtained from or by phoning 0800 257 773 (need IRD number). The form is also available as an attachment below.
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