We reopen on Monday 2nd February 2015.

Office hours will be posted shortly for January 2015.

Nau Mai, Haere Mai - Afio Mai, Maliu Mai - Bienvenue and 
Welcome to 2014 at 
Te Kura o Ritimana - Richmond Road School.

Richmond Road School - Te Kura o Ritimana, Ponsonby, Tamaki - Auckland, Aotearoa - New Zealand.

Aim High – Whaia Te Iti Kahurangi – Tauivi Malosi – Visez Haut

A new page called "Future Plans for Richmond Road School" has been added and will be available here from Friday 29th August 2014

Feedback required by Thursday 11th September 3pm on the first Draft of the Masterplan.

Richmond Road School is a unique primary school that celebrates diversity.  We work in partnership with families/whānau to ensure that children:

love coming to school, challenge themselves in their learning, make and sustain positive relationships with others and are confident in who they are

Nau Mai Haere Mai, Welcome!

Kia ora, talofa lava, bonjour, hello I am the  principal at Richmond Road School - Te Kura o Ritimana  I am thrilled to be leading a school with such a long history and reputation for being a community focused school that focuses on providing tamariki with opportunities to discover the joy of learning through their/a heritage language.  My 14 years of teaching experience was preceded with a number of years working at local authorities and a private consultancy as a Town Planner in Tamaki Makaurau Auckland. My time as a kaiako has all been in Central Auckland primary schools. My time prior to arriving at Richmond Road School was spent working with the learning community of Oranga Primary School as Associate Principal.

As a school leader I am mindful that our approach to learning needs to be future focused, but also it must recognize where we have come from. We now know so much more in terms of how studentsbest learn and what comprises effective teaching. Learning needs to be motivating, engaging and provide sufficient challenge for all of our learners. It is also important to me that our students feel happy and safe at school and we provide a nurturing environment.

Te Kura o Ritimana has a lively and active wider school community, focused on making our great school greater.

Our school vision to be a community that creates a life-long love of learning and language, and leads the way in bilingual education is an integral part of every aspect of the learning day at Richmond Road School. Our valuesencourage children to engage with learning, to be actively involved in community, to be leaders, to have an understanding of their identity and that of others and to creative in their response to problem solving.

I encourage you to read the parent links on this website, read the newsletter and to follow us on Facebook and Twitter in order to become more involved in the wider life of our school.If you would like to know more about us, please call in for a visit, and we'd be happy to show you around. If you have any additional questions please contact us directly at the school on 376-1091 or email

Naku noa, 

Jonathan Ramsay

Please contact the school in advance to let us know the days that your child is going to be away.  Where you cannot let us know in advance, or you don't know when your child will return, please contact us every day that your child is away, and on the day if your child is going to be late.  
  1. Phone: 376 1091 – option 1, and leave a message
  2. Email:
  3. WebsiteAbsentees (on the side bar) and complete the form.
  4. Note: Send a note to the office via a sibling or neighbour.
If your child is not at school, and we are not sure why, someone from the office will give you a call.

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Ex- RRS students Parent/Whanau Survey - Click Here to take this survey

Our unique feature is the focus on teaching and learning through children's heritage languages. Alongside an English unit (rōpū), we have Māori, Samoan and French immersion and bilingual classes.

"The best setting for educating linguistic minority pupils - and one of the best for educating any pupils - is a school in which two languages are used without apology and where becoming proficient in both is considered a significant intellectual and cultural achievement". 

(Glen & LaLyre, 1991, p. 43, cited in van Hees, Expanding Oral Language in the Classroom, 2007, p.61, NZCER Press)

Bilingual education underpins the philosophy, strategic direction, policies and practices of Richmond Road School. The school enjoys international and national recognition for its provision of bilingual education. There are about 350 students attending the school. The following classes (or ruma) cover all the age groups across each ropu: 

Te Whānau Whāriki, the Māori bilingual unit, has four ruma

Mua i Malae, the Samoan bilingual unit, has three;

L’Archipel, the French bilingual unit, has three; and

Kiwi Connection, the English unit, has seven,
The majority of children in Te Whānau Whāriki and Mua i Malae come from English-speaking backgrounds and focus on acquiring an additional language, te reo Māori or Samoan. Most of L’Archipel children are already fluent speakers of French and focus on maintaining their French language with English as an additional language.
We offer a well-balanced programme based on the New Zealand curriculum framework and in Te Whānau Whāriki, Te Marautanga o Aotearoa

In addition, we aim to help children develop as individuals and as members of their community and society in general by fostering the growth of concern for others and respect for differences as well as self respect and self esteem
Heather Rewiri,
6 Oct 2013, 19:15